A look at some of the unique foods in Maldives

The Maldives is a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean noted for its crystal blue waters, gorgeous beaches, and opulent resorts. However, many tourists are unaware that the Maldives also boasts some unique foods which is a distinct and delectable cuisine that is definitely worth discovering.

The Maldives cuisine reflects the country’s numerous cultural influences, which include Indian, Sri Lankan, Arab, and African elements. Coconut, fish, and rice are major ingredients in Maldives cuisine, emphasizing the country’s reliance on fishing and agriculture. Furthermore, the Maldives culture’s emphasis on hospitality and socialization is reflected in the old tradition of community meals, known as “hedhikaa.” The history of Maldives especially its trading relationships and Islamic influence, has greatly influenced its culinary traditions.
Here are some of the unique foods in Maldives:


Garudhiya is a fish soup that is the unique foods in Maldives which is extensively consumed. It’s produced by cooking fish, usually tuna, with garlic, onion, chile, and curry leaves, then serving it with rice and lime. Garudhiya is abundant in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, making it not only delicious but also healthful.

Mas Huni

unique foods of maldives

Mas Huni is one of the unique foods in Maldives made of shredded smoked tuna, freshly grated coconut, onion, chilli, and lime juice. It is usually served with Roshi, a thin and crispy flatbread consisting of flour, water, and oil. Mas Huni is a simple yet tasty dish that is popular with both locals and visitors.

Bis Keemiya

Bis Keemiya is a savoury snack similar to samosas. It is produced by stuffing a pastry with spiced vegetables, commonly cabbage, carrot, and onion, and deep-frying it till crispy. Bis Keemiya is a popular street meal that may be found at a variety of local markets and food vendors.


Rihaakuru is a thick fish paste created by cooking tuna with salt until it achieves a paste-like consistency. It’s a condiment that’s commonly blended with chile and onion to add flavour to other dishes. While it may not be to everyone’s taste, it is a staple in Maldives cuisine and is widely praised for its deep umami flavour.


Hedhikaa is a name used to describe a variety of savoury and sweet treats that are frequently eaten with tea. Among of the most popular types are bajiya, a fried pastry stuffed with spicy fish or vegetables, and bondi, a sweet fried dough ball.

Fihunu Mas

Fihunu Mas a grilled fish meal that is marinated in a blend of chile, garlic, ginger, and lime juice before being cooked over an open flame is a unique foods in Maldives. It is typically served with rice and vegetables and is a must-try for seafood enthusiasts.

Boshi Mashuni

Boshi Mashuni is a popular salad in the Maldives, made with grated coconut, onions, and chilli peppers. This salad is frequently served as a side dish alongside grilled fish or meat. This recipe is a fantastic addition to any dinner because of the blend of sweet coconut, hot chilli peppers, and acidic onions.

Some other unique foods in Maldives

Maldivian Vegetable Curry

Maldives Vegetable Curry is a tasty vegetarian dish created with a variety of native vegetables such as pumpkin, eggplant, and green beans. The veggies are cooked in a creamy and fragrant coconut milk sauce seasoned with curry powder, cumin, and coriander. This dish is frequently served with rice or roti and is an excellent choice for vegetarians or those searching for a lighter supper.

Kulhi Boakibaa

Tuna, coconut, and spices are used to make Kulhi Boakibaa, one of the unique foods in Maldives. The tuna is mixed with grated coconut, ginger, garlic, and chilli peppers before being baked until the outside is crispy and the middle is mushy. In the Maldives, this dish is commonly served as a snack or appetiser and is a popular street food.If You Need More Content Or Any Type Of Writing Services .Then UK Dissertation Writing Services Best Comapny.

Reef Fish Cutlets

Reef Fish Cutlets are a unique foods in Maldives. These fish cutlets are created with fish, coconut, onion, ginger, and a variety of spices. The fish is finely minced and combined with grated coconut and spices before being formed into little balls and deep-fried till golden brown. These cutlets are best served with a dipping sauce or chutney.


Gulha is a traditional Maldives snack prepared from fish and coconut. It’s made by combining shredded coconut, spices, chilli, and minced fish, then shaping it into little balls and deep-frying it. Gulha is a popular snack throughout the country and is typically served with a side of chilli sauce.

Cream Jehi Banas

Cream Jehi Banas are a traditional Maldives dessert consisting of coconut cream and sugar. The dish, which is akin to a pudding, is normally served cold. It’s made by combining coconut cream, sugar, and rice flour and then heating it until it thickens. After that, the dessert is chilled and topped with fresh fruit.


Masbaiy is a unique food in the Maldives. It’s a rich, thick, spicy soup prepared with fish, coconut, and spices. The fish is cooked till soft with coconut milk, chile, garlic, and curry leaves. The soup is served hot, accompanied by steaming rice and flatbread.

Handulu Bondibai

Handulu Bondibai is a traditional Maldives meal comprised of rice, coconut milk, and fermented breadfruit. It is a sweet and chewy treat that is typically served with tea or coffee. The treat is produced by combining rice flour, coconut, and sugar, forming it into little balls, and then boiling it until it is cooked completely. Handulu Bondibai is typically served with fish curry or a variety of spicy chutneys, making it a filling and hearty dinner.Reliable, Convenient & Affordable.

Tuna Curry

Tuna Curry is another one of the unique foods in Maldives, and it is frequently eaten with rice. The meal is created with fresh tuna, coconut milk, and a spice combination. The tuna is cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, and curry leaves until soft. The curry is then cooked with coconut milk and spices until it thicken, yielding a delicious and aromatic dish.

Gulab jamun

Gulab jamun is a favourite and one of the unique foods in Maldives. These small doughnut-shaped balls are created using milk powder, flour, and sugar before being deep-fried until golden brown. They are then immersed in sugary syrup, giving them a sweet, sticky feel. Gulab jamun is a must-try dessert in the Maldives, and it can be found in nearly every local restaurant.

Aluvi Boakibaa

The Maldives snack Aluvi Boakibaa is consisting of mashed taro roots, grated coconut, and spices. After that, the mixture is formed out into thin circles and cooked until crispy. The end result is a crispy, flavorful snack that complements tea or coffee well. In the Maldives, Aluvi Boakibaa is a popular snack that can be bought at local shops and marketplaces.

Cuttlefish curry

Cuttlefish curry is another one of the unique foods in Maldives, particularly among the indigenous. It’s cooked with fresh cuttlefish, which is comparable to squid but has a more delicate flavour. The cuttlefish is first cleaned and sliced into little pieces. The chicken is then marinated in a spice mixture that includes turmeric, chilli powder, cumin, and coriander.

While the Maldives is most renowned for its beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts, its distinct cuisine is also worth investigating. From Garudhiya to Cuttlefish curry, there are a wide variety of delectable and unique foods in Maldives that will tempt your taste buds. Whether you like seafood or have a sweet appetite, the Maldives’ dynamic and delectable food culture has something for everyone.

Additionally, some historic sites in the Maldives, such as the Hukuru Miskiy mosque, have played a role in shaping the country’s culinary traditions, with many local specialties originating from these areas.

Thus, the next time you visit the Maldives, make a point of trying some of these unusual delicacies and discovering the country’s gastronomic wonders.

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